The Best XDR Solution for the Mid-Market

Utilize machine learning to automatically detect cyber-attacks

Simplify Your Security Operations

Securing your growing organization against cyber threats is critical, but it takes time and resources away from growth activities. Whether your business runs with a one-person IT infrastructure or a security team that’s expanding its skills and resources, CyFox lets you monitor, collect, and analyze data across your network, from IoT devices to server files.

Armed with a machine learning multi-step attack hunting engine, real-time alerts, and continuous tracking of every byte of data, our autonomous detection and response XDR solution is the only technology you’ll need to keep your assets – and business – safe.

Next-Gen AI Attack Hunting Engine

Our solution maps the organization’s existing vulnerabilities and utilizes CyFox’s trademarked AI-powered ‘Attack Hunter’ to identify threats. It then autonomously correlates those vulnerabilities against known attack vectors so that analysts can easily detect attacks and carry out immediate mitigation and response. 


The AI Advantage

Better. Faster. Stronger

Handles events in prevention of cyber attacks more accurate, in depth and faster than humans, improving SLA for end-users.


Adapt to New Attacks

Automatically adjusts to changes in threats and marks problems as they arise. Scalable and adapts to new forms of attacks.


Decrease Analyst Workload

Offloads work from expensive cybersecurity Analysts, greatly increasing the SOC’s operational ROI.


Robust Asset Monitoring

  • Get an overview of all company’s assets 
  • Review domain users and groups 
  • Detect unauthorized software/hardware installations 
  • View a visual representation of your network map
  • Export reports to meet compliance requirements – asset inventory, vulnerability & executive summaries

Secure Your Vulnerabilities

  • Review & manage vulnerabilities in operating systems and software across network elements from one dashboard
  • Detect endpoints with default credentials and open ports
  • View which of your applications are not up-to-date
  • Generate reports to enhance your compliance posture
  • Integrate with NIST’s NVD to stay up to date with new CVEs

Enhanced Forensic Analysis

  • Detect anomalies by analyzing user and entity behavior (UEBA)
  • Monitor your network for malicious activity using an IDS engine
  • Set your own policy rules to mitigate potential threats 
  • Detect malicious software using our malware hunter
  • Monitor and detect user access to sensitive data with a FIM engine
  • View traffic analysis to detect leaks, privilege gains, attacks & more
  • Use honeypot to identify lateral movement and attack vectors

Solve Your Cybersecurity Operational Challenges

Simple Implementation

Implement within a few hours with your choice of non-intrusive agentless, agent-based or hybrid deployment.

Improve SecOps

Significantly decrease the number of cybersecurity applications used to manage the SOC’s productivity with one, complete end-to-end solution.

Maximize Efficiency

Drastically improve cyber defenses and threat intelligence on a continuous basis while providing accurate and useful insights to all levels of the organization.

One Managed Solution

CyFox combines several cybersecurity engines and tools to address critical aspects of network security under one platform that provides a unified defense.

Flexible Deployment

Choose between on-premise deployment, cloud, or as an MSSP managed service.

Less Is More


Using CyFox’s AI Attack Hunter you can filter massive amounts of alerts into a few designated alerts.


An autonomous all-in-one security platform means fewer solutions to integrate and employees to manage.


Get the full picture of your IT & IoT network assets and vulnerabilities in one powerful dashboard. 

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